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Sawit Trisirisatayawong

Joining Band Protocol

personal, careers2 min read

I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be joining Band Protocol as a Software Engineer at the end of March 2020. I am beyond excited to be part of an amazing team. I look forward to developing my skills as an engineer in such a fast-paced, active, and rigorous environment. This will also be a great opportunity for me to work at the intersection of the various fields I'm interested in: business, finance, economics, and technology. Finally, I can't wait to explore and learn about the blockchain and cryptocurrency space in more detail than ever before, taking the concepts I learned in college and building something from it.

Sadly, this means that I'll be leaving Central Tech. Working there had allowed me to explore and try various technologies, techniques, and tools. It is also where I got to properly learn and use Go in a production environment (which of course I now use in literally all of my projects). On that note, I would like to thank my backend team, whom I have had the privilege of working with for the last 4 months. It was amazing, being a new hire, to be given the chance to try out an idea that I have, and then to see it be used in production. I would also like to extend my special gratitude to my manager, P' Ekk (Ekkapop Benchawanichkul), for giving me the chance to work there in the first place.

As per my reasons for deciding to pursue a new opportunity this quickly, and specifically at Band, it simply comes down to that I feel that Band as a company, along with its qualities, resonates better with me. When first joining Central, one of my main goals was to learn more about how software and technology are being developed, used, and managed in such a large organization. And to that extent, even in such a short time, I feel like I've somewhat accomplished that, if not on a superficial level.

But, during my time working there, and for reasons still unclear to me, I have come to realize that I want to go back and work in the startup ecosystem. Maybe it's the freedom and energy of a startup. Maybe it's the 'hacker' atmosphere I associate with them. Whatever it is, I know that it is what I want, what I'm looking for right now.

And then there's Band. Aside from the aforementioned team and leadership, its community-driven nature appeals to me. Furthermore, as someone with a growing passion for the potential of open-source software, Band's nature of being open-sourced by default is an unexpected bonus that helps solidify my decision. On that note, I do have to thank P'Nat (Nattariya Wittayatanaseth) in particular for urging me to apply in the first place and for telling me more about the company.

As for the next few weeks, after one last week at Central, I will be taking a 2-week break before joining Band. During that time, I'll mostly be trying to familiarize myself with the tech stack being used at Band along with the existing code-base. Other than that, I'll also try to get a rough web prototype of my NoteLog project up and running. Lastly, I'll probably spend some time taking a break and get back to my hobbies (my lack of schedule on my photography Instagram is just sad at this point...)

To wrap up, I'm could not be more excited about what lies ahead for me and I'll try to share the things I learn going forward. :)