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Sawit Trisirisatayawong


Some of my projects to date.


Work In Progress

Technology Stack: Go, Elasticsearch/Elastic Cloud, React, Google Cloud Run, Docker

A service to store and search through all of the things I want to reference in one place. Currently implemented to search through:

Links: GitHub, Website, Demo

CubeSat Engineering Model

I assisted assembling and programming an engineering model of an Arduino-based 1U CubeSat miniature satellite to be used in natural disaster prevention and relief. The project was part of Dr Tippawan Wanwiwake's research at the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology and Development Agency (GISTDA).

Prior to that, during my internship with the agency in high school, I compiled a literature review examining the practicality and feasibility of adopting the platform for use in Thailand.

Rap Artist Lyrics Classifier

The project and resulting paper examines the accuracy and effectiveness of various classification models in matching rap lyrics to the correct artists.

The accompanying Python web application, built with scikit-learn, nltk, spaCy, and the Genius API, allows users to input their own text, choose the classification model to use, and outputs the name of the artist with the closest-matching lyrics features.

The source code for the app can be found on the GitHub repo.

This project was done as the final project for the University of Michigan's EECS486 (Introduction to Information Retrieval) class.

Links: GitHub, Paper, WebApp

JARVIS Personal Assistant Chatbot

A chatbot built on top of the LINE's Messaging API and Google's Dialogflow. It integrates and scrapes data from various services and websites to provide numerous useful features.

Current feature set include:

  • Current weather and condition
  • Directions
  • World Clock
  • Movies in theaters and showtime

Smaller Projects

  • git-helper: A command line tool, written with Go and using the kingpin CLI parser, to interact with remote Git repositories.
  • git-prompt: An interactive prompt version of git-helper, with built-in autocomplete.
  • aqi-daily-notify: Air Quality Index and PM 2.5 LINE Notify service, written in Go, to send me a message with the daily PM 2.5 values at my home, apartment, and office.